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Soy vs Whey Protein

If you’ve been in a supplement store lately, you’ve probably seen many different types of protein powders. Some of the most common types of protein are whey protein and plant-based protein, including soy protein.

Here are some major differences between the two:


Derived from soybeans
Lactose free
Complete protein


Derived from cow's milk
Animal based
A complete protein


Why choose soy or plant based protein?

Many people choose a plant based protein over whey because it’s lactose free, is easier on their stomachs, or because they are vegan.

Soy protein has been a commonly mass produced plant-based protein. It’s included in many packaged food products as well. Many cereals and granola bars that boast “high protein” on their packaging are usually using soy protein as its main source because it’s inexpensive to use.

However, some people wonder if soy protein is actually good for them. There have been some studies and many nutritional experts warning about mass produced soy products.


Is soy protein healthy?

Since soy protein comes from soybeans, there’s a very high chance that it contains GMOs since as much as 93% of the United States soy crops are genetically modified. GMOs can impact gut health leading to possible health problems.

Soy protein powders are also often heavily processed, removing the little nutritional value it does have. GMO soy contains phytoestrogens, which mimic estrogen in the body. Although phytoestrogens from certain foods can be healthy, the phytoestrogens from soy are linked to increasing risk of certain types of cancers.

Although studies on soy are not totally conclusive, it might be best to steer clear of soy protein. If you want an alternative to whey protein, go with a plant-based protein free of soy.

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