Introducing CollagenBoost

Our NEW IdealFit CollagenBoost stick packs can replace your unhealthy sodas and energy drinks while helping you to achieve your beauty and weight loss goals.

Available in three flavors: Black Cherry and Watermelon Lemonade.. and now Limited Edition Spiced Apple Cider!

Each box contains 30 servings.


Contains vitamins & minerals to support a healthy metabolism.

1g Hydrolyzed Collagen per serving, supporting the maintenance of your hair, skin & nails.

The perfect on the go energy boost with each stick pack containing 90mg of caffeine - the equivalent to one cup of coffee!

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How do I use it?

We suggest adding 1 stick pack of Ideal CollagenBoost to 16oz water.

Shake until the powder dissolves and enjoy your refreshing drink.

Drink any time of day, for an added energy boost!