Everything you need to know about Casein

What is Casein Protein?

Whether you’re trying to build lean muscle, burn fat, or maintain your current body composition, part of having good nutrition is getting enough protein every day. Not only does protein aid in post-workout recovery & lean muscle building, it also helps build strong bones, cartilage, hair & nails, and so much more. But when you’re living an active lifestyle, you may not be getting enough protein in your diet. That’s where a protein powder like casein can help! Casein is a milk protein that is the perfect option for a slow-digesting protein powder to keep you fed with protein over the long-term!

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Casein Benefits

Casein is best used when you know you won’t be eating for a while, like right before you go to bed! But not just any casein powder will do. You need a casein powder designed just for women, with your specific needs in mind. You want a casein powder free of fillers, bulking agents, or a ton of extra calories from added fat and carbs. You also want a casein powder with ingredients like L-Theanine to support relaxation and promote restful sleep. You can’t afford to compromise your nutrition with a subpar casein powder. You deserve the very best casein powder for women!

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Great for Muscle Recovery

When you’re trying to burn fat or build muscle, getting enough protein is super important to achieving the results you’re after. And since your post-workout recovery continues well into the night, you need a protein source that provides long-term recovery support!
The slow-digesting protein source provided by casein helps preserve lean muscle mass while you’re cutting calories, and helps to rebuild the muscle you’ve broken down during a tough workout. When it comes to proper recovery, you can’t afford to leave anything up to chance!

Improved Lean Muscle Building

A quick digesting protein powder like whey is perfect for a post-workout shake, but that’s not the only time you need protein. Casein is a milk protein that’s digested and absorbed very slowly, helping to keep your muscles fed all night long so that you can get the maximum results from your hard work.
After a tough workout your muscles are left tired and broken down. In order to properly rebuild your muscles, you need protein! Giving your muscles a slow-digesting protein source that lasts all night long will help to keep your recovery going strong!

Promote A Good Night’s Sleep

Your recovery begins shortly after your workout ends, but it continues well into the hours when you’re asleep. Since your post-workout recovery continues well into the night, it’s important that you have adequate restful sleep.
A casein powder with L-Theanine to promote relaxation helps you to have more restful sleep, promoting an even better post-workout recovery! This lets you wake up feeling energized, recovered, and ready to crush another awesome day.